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Who is Destiny Rescue?


can set her free!

Destiny Rescue is a Christian-based non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. We help rescue the sexually exploited and enslaved, restore the abused, protect the vulnerable, empower the poor, and are a voice for the voiceless. 

We run projects in six countries around the world, have funding offices in three nations and have rescued more than 2500 children from the evils of sexual exploitation. We also specialize in helping rescued children achieve a safe future through discipleship and individualized restoration and reintegration paths. We rejoice when Christ provides ultimate restoration in their lives.

Rescue the poor and helpless; deliver them from the hand of evil people.
Psalm 82:4

Rescued to Rescue


Rescue Sunday is an opportunity for you to educate and awaken your church to the realities of human trafficking - more specifically the sexual exploitation of children. We’ve created resources to educate and equip you with the facts about the issue and the hope that exists as we fight it around the world. Our toolkit also contains family-friendly media that can be used to engage your church and show the restoration they can make a reality for even more children. Because of your Rescue Sunday...

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“God fueled our passion and action to care for victims of human trafficking, I am thankful for the partnership with Destiny Rescue!”

Matt Doan
Outreach Pastor Calvary Church, Santa Ana 

"I was forced to have sex with customers every day. The men who came to the brothel were very violent. If I did not do what they wanted, they would hit me or beat me up. 
I always felt scared."


Grow Disciples & Change Lives

and share how The Church is called to respond to this issue. Give a seven-minute message or dedicate your entire service to the cause.

your congregation with scripture, family-friendly stories of rescue and restoration, and videos that share the real hope that God is providing.

their faith and invite them to become Rescue Partners; donors directly connected to the work and impact of Destiny Rescue.

Rescue Agents
and aftercare teams will be mobilized

will be rescued, restored & discipled

The Faith
of your church will be deepened

The Gospel
will be preached & families transformed

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Use our Learning Guide to understand the issue of child trafficking and Destiny Rescue's holistic approach to rescuing children from the hands of the wicked. With our Sunday Morning Resources, you can customize your presentation to the unique style and creativity of your church. Once you choose the date, it's as simple as…

What is Rescue Sunday?

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Grow Disciples & Change Lives

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Human trafficking affects every country around the world and is the fastest growing illegal activity in today’s society. Right now there are at least one million children trapped in the sex trade who are crying out to be rescued. We, as God’s people, are called to rescue the poor and helpless and deliver them from the hand of the wicked. Jesus rescued us so that we can rescue others.